6LACK In New York City at The Brooklyn Mirage

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Written and Captured By | Olufela Raymond

On a kickass Monday night, October 6th, The Brooklyn Mirage was buzzing with pure excitement as 6lack, the artist from Atlanta, hit the stage for a show everyone was hyped about. The vibe was unreal, bringing together die-hard fans and first-timers for a magical night.

Before 6lack took over, the scene was already lit with Quin and Jordan Ward owning the stage. Quin’s got this soulful voice that had everyone hooked, and then the magic happened. 6lack popped up, joining Quin for their collab, SCORPIA. The chemistry between them was so obvious, and the crowd went wild, cheering for more.

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Once 6lack was in the spotlight, he nailed it with hit after hit, including the crowd-favorite “East Atlanta love letter.” The whole show was a wild ride, swinging between feel-good moments and heart-pounding beats. 6lack totally knew how to keep the crowd hooked from start to finish.

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This night wasn’t just a concert; it was like a crazy emotional rollercoaster that left everyone buzzing. It’s safe to say 6lack owned the stage and proved he’s the real deal. The Brooklyn Mirage wasn’t just a venue; it was the backdrop for a night to remember, where 6lack’s talent lit up the whole place.


Photos By | Olufela Raymond