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Falling in Reverse Kicks Off “Live From The Unknown” Tour in Atlanta at the Tabernacle Along With Jeris Johnson, Wage War and Hawthorne Heights

Written By | Erin Spain

Falling in Reverse kicked off their “Live from the Unknown, the Tour” at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Thursday. The Tabernacle is an iconic venue in the city, converted from an old historic church into a popular music venue in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park district.

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The show opened with Jeris Johnson, a new artist who found fame on TikTok and aspires to “bring rock into the future.” He puts his own unique spin on late 90s/early 2000s rock songs by artists like Papa Roach and Nickelback, while also throwing his own original music into the mix. As he announced at the top of the show, this was his first show on his first tour ever, but his energetic stage presence made him seem like a seasoned pro rather than a relative newbie.

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Next up was Hawthorne Heights, a band formed in the early 2000s known for their emo-rock vibe. They closed out their set with their signature song, also commonly referred to as the “Emo Anthem,” “Ohio is for Lovers,” which most of the crowd sang along too.

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Third in the lineup was Wage War, a metalcore band from Ocala, Florida. Their songs (like their latest single, “Circle the Drain”) combine the aggressive rock vocals of lead singer Briton Bond with the cleaner, more melodic vocals of rhythm guitarist Cody Quistad.

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And last but not least, headlining band Falling in Reverse took the stage after much anticipation from the crowd. The frenetic energy erupting from the pit culminated in a plethora of crowd-surfing teenagers and twenty-somethings, but security did a great job managing it while allowing everyone to have a good time. Lead singer Ronnie Radke has had a bit of a tumultuous career, punctuated by run-ins with the law, including a prison stint that could have derailed his music aspirations completely. Instead, he turned things around and is doing better than ever with the success of his current band. Falling in Reverse blends multiple genres with their sound, from pop to hard rock to metalcore, with an occasional bit of rap thrown in for good measure.

Thursday’s show was a great introduction to what will surely be a successful tour.


Photo Credit | Erin Spain

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