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Written By | Chantal Burau

The Lido hosted an evening with a lineup of five heavy bands, delivering the crowd a powerful show from start to finish.

The show started off with the Berlin based band Aptera. The band describes themselves as „doom, psych and trash glued together with a punk grit“ and offered a short, yet energetic set, showing the crowd what they’re made of. After a successful start, filled with smokey vocals, heavy guitar riffs and drums, the evening continued with Systemhouse33.

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The Indian metal outfit continued the pace with strong vocals and screams, featuring heavy guitar solos. With the room slowly filling, Systemhouse33 was followed up by Warfect.

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The Swedish heavy metal trio fired up the crowd with the strong, husky vocals and guitar of Fredrik Wester accompanied by powerful bass from Kris Wallstrom and heavy drums by Manne Flood. The mood was answered by the crowd with lots of head banging and moshing, featuring your typical old heavy metallers as well as younger fans with the same energy. Finishing their set, with bangers like “Hail Caesar“, it was time for the fourth band of the night. In time for Burning Witches’ set more fans found their way in the room.

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The Swiss female heavy metal band left no room for breaks and continued with powerful songs that invited their fans to rock and mosh once more. Fan favored songs like “Witch Of the North“ and “Hexenhammer“ showed off the strong screams and clean vocals of  vocalist Laura Guldemond. Their set was filled with heavy guitar riffs by Larissa Ernst and Romana Kalkuhl, as well as strong bass and drums by Jay Grob and Lala Frischknecht. The Swiss five-piece prepared the audience with their powerful set for the last band of the night: Nervosa.

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The Brazilian trash metal outfit presented their almost completely new lineup and a set filled with a mixture of old and new songs from their latest album Perpetual Chaos. Vocalist, Diva Satánica, delivered strong screams and growls, that harmonized with the hard guitar riffs of Prika Amaral riddled with heavy drums by Eleni Nota and bass filling the whole building by Mia Wallace. 

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The five bands created a great evening, especially after a long concert break caused by covid, giving their fans a chance to burn off their energy from start to finish again. 

Photos By | Chantal Burau