ACR Poker Making OSS XL Even Better with $60,000 Leaderboard Competition Paid Directly by Them

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ACR Poker announced that they’re giving players another way to win during their Online Super Series XL (Sept. 3rd to Oct. 2nd) with their $60,000 Leaderboard Competition.

“The $50 Million GTD OSS XL is already the biggest series in our history by far, and the Leaderboard Competition adds a new level of excitement,” said ACR Pro, Chris Moneymaker. “The best part is that it’s funded entirely by us and not taken from any player fees”.

The Leaderboard Competition will pay out over $60,000 in cash and tournament tickets. To participate, players just need to enter any OSS XL event and they’ll earn points based on their overall finish.

There are three separate leaderboards based on High, Medium and Low buy-ins, so players have a great chance to win some cash no matter the size of their bankroll. The overall winner takes home an additional $15,000. All leaderboard results can be followed in real time on the promotion page.

Moneymaker noted that while players are sure to love this Leaderboard Competition, it’s just a precursor to a much bigger challenge that is coming in 2024. Details on that will be announced shortly.

For more information on the $50 Million OSS XL and Leaderboard Challenge, visit