Amanda Seales Presents: Smart Funny & Black

Written By | Denis Cheng

¨First, I want to let you know that if you are not black, you are welcome here, but, Not
your place, not your place¨

The comedian Amanda Seales was Presenting her most recent Stand up comedy, Smart,
Funny & Black at the Thalia hall in Chicago last Tuesday August 7th, in a regular week night people stood in line for several minutes before the doors were opening to finally fill up the entire venue.

Don’t let her fool you, Amanda Seales is doing a very smart stand-up comedy, addressing serious topics, from politics to popular black culture, she is fearless, intelligent, and will tell you what she thinks any time she feels it. She started the show with a monologue before she introduced the two participants that were trying to win the crown and get into the selective league of blacksperts, the comedian and activist Rashida ¨SHEEDZ¨ Olayiwola, and the author Luvvie Ajayi.

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Most than a stand up, it turned up into a ¨game Show¨ very fresh, and different from
everyone is doing these days, people were laughing, singing and dancing during the entire show, I’ve never seen someone with a stage and audience control like that, it was
amazing. The games of the night: “Blebates” (black debates), “Black Facts” and “The Final
Blackstination, making people laugh and raising awareness about serious cultural issues, I think that was hooked the audience all the time.


The show ended after they announce the winner with the support of the audience after the games, it was a unanimous win for ¨SHEEDZ¨ but before the crowning, Amanda hung a big chain with the ¨L¨ letter on Luvvie´s neck, she took it with style and grace, and the big winner was outfitted with a green cape and a Crown as she was celebrating being introduced to the League of Blacksperts.

This was, a unique and different show that you must see ASAP, also big thanks to the staff of the Thalia hall for their support, help and guidance during the entire show, hands down to them!

Photos By | Denis Cheng

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