Bad Bunny in Atlanta at State Farm Arena

Written By | Amanda Jogie

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The show was Bad Bunny at State Farm arena November 3rd 2019! Once in the stadium waiting for the artist to begin I noticed how full the stadium actually was. Even the nosebleed seats were filled with eager fans. The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted with excitement it was so loud you could barely hear the dialogue of the videos being played on the mega circle screen.

Bunny hit the stage, starting the show off with “Ni Bien Ni Mal” what a great way to start the set. Flashing lights coming from the interactive wristbands provided lit up to the music once the beat dropped which definitely set the tone for the show. As the music continued the wristbands lit up the stadium together providing a very cool show that the audience got to be a part of.

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Bunny utilized the entire stage (which was centered) and made sure he gave every side of the venue a great view. The dancers were phenomenal very in-sync and well rehearsed with multiple wardrobe changes through out the show.

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Mid show bunny requested the lights be turned on so he could see everyone at this time he shouted out various Latin Countries allowing the crowd to represent their home country which really made the crowd feel like part of the show. Continuing the show he played hits including, “Diles, Soltera, I Like It, and MIA”. Use of special effects through out the show created a very impressive sets with use of pyrotechnics and lasers he made the show his own in many ways. Concluding the show with “Callaita” he made sure to thank the crowd and express his love for his fans and the city of Atlanta. All in all a very impressive show. Definitely mad a Bad Bunny fan out of me.

Photos By| Amanda Jogie


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