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Badfish Creep & Crawl at Chicago’s House of Blues

Written By | Emily Baltierra


On another cold evening in downtown Chicago, Badfish brings the heat to the House of Blues. This tribute band carries on the energy from Sublime’s music. With the spirit of Sublime, they put their own Badfish touch to it. The Beyond the Sun Tour has attracted numerous fans to an atmosphere with a mixture of funk and punk rock. The venue expresses unique architecture with vibrant art displayed wall to wall. With being a medium sized venue, any spot in the general admission area had a great view of the bands. The audience was more of an older crowd enjoying time with friends and drinks.  It was the perfect setting for a group of friends to close out the day with some good music.

Starting the night off, the openers, Tropidelic and Little Stranger, began to hype up the crowd and setting the vibe for the night. They both encapsulated the attention of the audience with their melodica, guitars, and drums. It was cool to see Tropidelic put their own drumline twist to the song, “Turn Down for What,” By DJ Snake and Lil Jon. These were great openers as their performance resulted in the crowd continuously danced through each set and transition.


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Badfish came on at 10pm just after the crowd sang the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen word to word. As the curtains opened, their backdrop displayed a killer art design of a badfish in the ocean and the music started to flood the venue. Tribute bands like Badfish truly reveal the power of music. Past influences such as the original Sublime group with Brad Nowell, inspire others to share the craft of music. It is through music which allows connectivity and community. Each member on stage was fully engaged with their instruments, which relayed to the crowd having a great time. Passion was highly implemented in their stage performance.

Full of talent and pure enjoyment in what they do exemplify their successes. With the speakers blasting the rhythm and beat along with the stage lighting painting the venue, it created a positive mood for all to be a part of.

Photos By | Emily Baltierra