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Black Violin Electrifies Paramount Theatre in Denver

Written By | Cameron Padilla

Black Violin had no opener for their concert and they definitely didn’t need one to fill Denver’s Paramount Theatre with over 1500 people. Black Violin consists of Kev Marcus on violin and Wil B on viola and lead vocals however, they perform as a group with the amazing combination of drummer, Nat Stokes and DJ SPS by their side.
They started off their 90 minute set by facing each other to play “Rise”, the beautiful instrumental intro to their newly released album, “Take the Stairs”.


Black Violin’s recently released album, “Take the Stairs” showed a glimpse of how they can incorporate rock and hip hop with classical music, but actually seeing Black Violin live in concert absolutely awes and electrifies the crowd. This multi-genre blending combination that is often referred to as “classical boom’, drew an interesting crowd that varied from a multitude of different backgrounds and ages.

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The entire stage was beautifully lit and it really helped support the performances of the synths, especially the instrumentals. The set had a lot of instrumental songs that can resemble preludes or interludes but Black Violin preforms theses synths so amazingly well that they can unbelievably add energy to their performance without even speaking a word. This works so well with the audience because they truly listen to words that they speak on stage and in the lyrics that define their music. The positivity that Black Violin preaches in songs like “Dreamer” and “One Step” are easily displayed throughout the performance by the happiness shown on Kev and Wil’s faces as they perform their beautiful music for the crowd.


Black Violin will add their own twist on songs like “Believer” from Imagine Dragons to songs like “Thinking out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and it showcases their undeniable talent to combine genres that you wouldn’t typically expect. The entire group then took the time to freestyle some instrumental music that absolutely blew the audience away. For over six minutes, Kev Marcus and Wil B each shared incredible solo performances that took the crowd on a thrill ride, ending with an amazing drum solo the resulted in standing ovations. The group then left the stage leaving DJ SPS to display his amazing talent under the spotlight.


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Black Violin returned and took some time to speak to the kids in the audience about the power of the violin. The crowd applauded Kev and Wil as they spoke about how their amazing instruments paid for their entire college and provided them with an opportunity to play for President Barrack Obama. Kev and Wil preached to the crowd about how they wanted to change the view of the stereotypical violinist and that the show is truly all about challenging and breaking stereotypes. This rang true when I spoke to 40 year old man after the concert that said Black Violin is doing just that by bringing classical music to this generation in a way that can truly connect to them. He mentioned about how he played the clarinet as a teen and moved away from playing because of it not being the “cool” thing to do. “If Black Violin were around when I were younger I feel as if I would of had more confidence to continue playing instruments.”

Photos By | Cameron Padilla

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