Brandi Carlile Lights up Louisville!

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Brandi Carlile’s energy and smile is infectious, which is understandable as she informed the June 23 sold out Louisville Palace audience, that she is the “happiest she’s ever been”. Touring her fantastic new album, “By The Way I Forgive You,” Carlile plays her most powerful show to date.

She managed to work in the entire album during the show. Each song is solid and most were introduced with stories of why she wrote them.


The show began with her 3 piece String Trio: a violin and two cellos playing some of her best known songs. Opening with “‘Every Time I Hear That Song” the title track of her new release. The setlist takes turns from her more danceable numbers backed by opening act Secret Sisters, to her ever popular cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” an acoustic, 3 part harmony joined by life long bandmates twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

Before an acoustic version of “The Mother” Carlile stands alone, charming the crowd. Regaling stories of her daughter Evangeline, joys of growing older and having a British wife, she reminds you that despite her Grammy nominated talent, you’re not all that different.

One of the many highlights of the show is that Carlile invited the Secret Sisters back on stage, not only as her backing vocals for “Sugar Tooth” but in this case vice versa; the packed audience got to hear “Mississippi” a Secret Sisters original song in case they happened to arrive late. Something most headliners artist wouldn’t think to do.

After a stripped version of “Cannonball” with the Twins from the front of the stage, the entire band displayed their rock side, with an intro of Black Sabbath’s “ War Pigs to start her song “Dreams” and performing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” in which she displayed her amazing vocal skills.

Carlile played two more songs with the full band including piano and drums before exiting the stage while her String Trio finished the set.

For the encore, Carlile told the audience she wore her flashy blazer was for a reason then mentioned,” I have waited all week to do this song” and asking for audience participation.

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As the band started into Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s All Right,” the night long party reached a climax with the entire venue dancing and singing.

The show ended with Secret Sisters and Shovels and Rope (the Second Opening Act) on stage for “Hold Out Your Hand”.

Brandi Carlile makes this an intimate experience. Her strong vocals, charming personality and excellent music catalogue makes it easy to see why she is selling out the majority of her tour. You leave this show with an understanding that we all have struggles in life that can be overcome by working together. It’s a night you feel positive, together and we all need a night like this!

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  1. good review, although she did not do a cover of the chain that night.

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