Castlecomer took the stage in the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX

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On October 30th in the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX; the Alt Nation tour took the stage. Alt Nation put together a nationwide promotional tour, headlined by Big Data, for the fall.


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Fitness kicked off the night. The three-piece band made a seemingly large room feel like a house show with their high energy songs that captured the crowd. The band members made the whole stage their space, jumping around and giving the performance their all. They played songs like Matter of Time off their 2018 album, Karate.



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Next, Castlecomer took the stage. The five-piece Australian band has been gaining more and more attention since Alt Nation started playing their song “All of the Noise.” They played several songs off their debut self-titled album including “Move” and “Make Love Make Music.” Calling for a lot of crowd participation and audience involvement, Castlecomer showed why they are going to be the next big thing. The audience left their set finding a new band to listen to and the band left their set with new fans that will surely come out the next time they come to Texas.



Finally, Big Data took the stage. They used the screen behind them to create their show environment and play into their robot-esque aesthetic. The duo sang songs like Monster and played video spoofs of commercials as their transitions, like a knockoff Alexa commercial in which they called the device “Lizzie.” With the flashing lights, insane musical production, and amazing vocal harmonies, Big Data put on an electrifying show that had the crowd dancing, singing, screaming, and laughing all at once.

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