“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”


   City Girls released their video for “Not Ya Main” off their acclaimed album PERIOD (Quality Control Music / Motown / Capitol Records). Shot in Miami and directed by Video God, City Girls let it be known that “I’m that bitch, but I am not your bitch.” PERIOD.
   Known as JT and Yung Miami, City Girls are brash, raw, uncensored, unapologetic and with a swagger rooted in the queens who came before them (Foxy Brown, Salt N’ Pepa, Khia and friend/Miami-based and mentor Trina).
   Most recently they caught the ear of Drake, an early fan who recruited them for his 10-week chart topping song “In My Feelings.” It’s not all about Kiki – When the City Girls rap “I’ll show you how to network. F*ck that Netflix and chill; what’s your net worth?” City Girls share a different connection to culture, a commitment to their hood roots and a bold insistence that neither of the should stop them from getting a piece of the cash pie.
Photo By | Esdras T. Thelusma
    As Refinery29 states: (City Girls) should ask for what they want, and they can count on JT and Miami to provide the soundtrack. This emerging group taps into the same enterprising spirit applauded in male rappers when they wax poetic about selling drugs or pimping to escape bleak financial circumstance. This female version is just as inspiring. The male gaze only succeeds in objectifying women when the sole outcome considered is male gratification. City Girls set the terms of engagement for a payday they’ve orchestrated.”
   Coach K and Pierre “Pee” Thomas of the renowned Quality Control Music label discovered the girls and took their first song “Fu*k Dat N****” from a regional hit to a national smash when it appeared on the seminal Quality Control Presents: Control The Streets Vol 1 compilation. This year Quality Control Music released City Girls’ uncensored heart-wrenching documentary “Point Blank Period”. The documentary follows the City Girls as they break into a predominantly male-dominated industry with the release of Period. It features their reactions to hearing Drake shout them out on his record to JT working in the studio until her jail sentence starts.  Exclusive interviews are included with Yung Miami and J.T., as well as industry trailblazers Trina, Kevin “Coach K” Lee andPierre “Pee” Thomas, exposing the complicated road to breaking female artists in the changing music landscape

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