Colombia joins Women’s World Car of the Year

The Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY), is pleased to announce that Natalia Vergara, has joined its international jury. WWCOTY is the only car awards in the world composed exclusively of women motoring journalists, and with Vergara’s appointment, now features 74 judges from 51 countries.

Mujeres al Volante is a reference website for thousands of consumers, both women and men, in Colombia. Its up-to-date information on motoring, as well as test drives, podcasts and lifestyle information have made it an indispensable website for those who want to keep informed about the automotive world in Colombia.

Mujeres al Volante began four years ago thanks to the initiative of Natalia Vergara. Initially it emerged as a test drive section within another portal, but the great interest in its contents soon led it to start its own independent venture. At the beginning it featured a podcast format but later on this was extended to all platforms and social networks, including the website. Mujeres Al Volante has highlighted motor racing drivers, influencers, brand managers and major figures in the automotive sector in Colombia.

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Natalia Vergara’s connection to the automotive world goes back almost to her birth. Her father was professionally linked to motoring both in its sporting and professional aspects. He passed on to her his passion for the sector from which she has now made her profession.

Among the different initiatives that Vergara has carried out is helping to organise  motor racing, participating in radio as a motoring expert and her management of the marketing department of several car brands.