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Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

Cyan Kicks stopped on their I NEVER SAID 4EVER-Tour at Hole 44 in Berlin. The Finnish quartet was supported by Moon Shot and Bobby Lies.

Once entering the room, Moon Shot were already on stage and heated up the crowd. They offered a powerful set, filled with their mixture of alternative rock riddled with a lot of melody and some crossover elements. 

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Next up were Bobby Lies and they continued where Moon Shot left off and kept the mood and energy of the fans high. Where Moon Shot showed off stronger guitar riffs and a high energy performance, Bobby Lies added a harmonizing, slightly softer layer to the evening with some pop punk tunes and poppier sound elements. 

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After the break it was time for Cyan Kicks to enter the stage. They kicked it up a notch from the beginning with their powerful performance and their energetic soundscapes adding elements of different genres into their own style of modern rock. 

They started off strong with the same titled single “I Never Said 4ever“ and animated their fans from the start. Their set was filled with songs (of course) off the latest album I Never Said 4ever as well as older ones and fan-favorites. Singer Susanna Alexandra interacted a lot with the crowd between songs and also warned them that her hair extensions could possibly hit them at some point.


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Adding some slower songs to the mix and showing off their musical range and style, like “Tidal Wave“, “Riddle“ and “When You’re Gone“ gave them selves and the fans some time and the chance to recharge their batteries a bit in between. More energetic songs like “See the Light“, “Addicted” and “Gasoline“ heated up the mood again throughout their set. The final of the show was “Hurricane“, which let their dynamic show also end on a high note.


Photos By | Chantal Burau