Dreamers X Robert Delong “Dodging Sunshine Tour” At Chicago’s Bottom Lounge

Written and Captured By | Miguel Peralta

On the remarkable night of May 25th, the co-headlining tour “Dodging Sunshine Tour” featuring Dreamers and Robert Delong made a memorable stop at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL.

Following the release of their seven-track EP titled “Wallow In It,” which includes the collaborative title track by Dreamers‘ Nick Wold, Pete Nappi (from GAYLE and 5SOS), and Elijah Noll (from 5SOS and Poutyface), produced by Pete Nappi and Lucky West, Dreamers kicked off their tour in style.

The evening commenced with an incredible performance by the supporting artist CARR. Her highly energetic performance and the enthusiastic response from the crowd created an engaging atmosphere. With her music delving into themes of heartbreak and self-love, each attendee had their own favorite moment. To top it off, CARR even led the audience in singing happy birthday to a fan in a heartwarming gesture.

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Next up was the highly anticipated Robert Delong, who started their set with the classic track “Don’t Wait Up.” Showcasing his remarkable talent as a “One Man Band,” Robert demonstrated his expertise in various avenues, crafting his unique style. His melodic approach allowed him to create spontaneous remixes of his most popular songs, ensuring each night’s set was distinct and unforgettable for fans. The incorporation of the Laser Harp added a visually stunning element to the show. Robert’s infectious energy transferred to the crowd, with everyone dancing and singing along. It was a performance filled with awe-inspiring songs and visuals, leaving a lasting impression.

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Finally, it was time for the next headliner, Dreamers, who received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the crowd. They immediately set the tone with the high-energy opening song “SCREWS.” Their set featured a mix of fan-favorite tracks and new releases from their latest EP, “Wallow In It.” The incorporation of visuals for each song left the audience captivated, enhancing the overall experience. The lead singer engaged with the crowd, adding a fun and personal touch, including another heartwarming rendition of happy birthday for a fan. From start to finish, it was an incredible show, culminating in an encore performance to remember. The band even announced an upcoming collaboration with the beloved Robert Delong, further exciting the crowd. The night ended on a high-energy note, leaving everyone thrilled and fulfilled.

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Photos By | Miguel Peralta