First Night Of The Tour For All Them Witches in Atlanta at Terminal West

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All Them Witches is a three piece blues/psychedelic/hard rock band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee that has been a constant for me after the release of their debut LP, Our Mother Electricity. The resurgence of 70s/80s acid/psychedelic rock sound has given many new bands the chance to be heard. All Them Witches have released a total of five (5) studio LPs with the latest release entitled, ATW (released Sept. 2018). I’ve noticed that their two (2) Live LPs, At The Garage (released Feb. 2015) & Live in Brussels (released Apr. 2016) have been the most played since their respected release dates. Why? Well the band was able to capture their sound perfectly on these albums. Plus, it even gives the listener the feeling that they are really listening to them live. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Seeing bands that you love in person so you can feel their energy vibrate the room.

Photo By | Xerxes Tzolis

Speaking of watching this incredible band jam live… Imprint Entertainment was there to watch the first night of the tour for All Them Witches. Were you? Lucky for Atlanta and the sold out crowd that showed up at Terminal West this was the start of their two month tour that will end March 24th at Motorco in Raleigh, North Carolina. I don’t know about you but I love attending the very first show of an artist/bands tour just as much as I love attending a Sunday show. You never know what to expect!

Photo By | Xerxes Tzolis

Opening for All Them Witches for this tour was Plague Vendor, who is a four-piece post-punk band that formed back in 2009 and hails from Whittier, California. The band consists of Brandon Blaine (vocals), Michael Perez (bass), Jay Rogers (guitarist), and Luke Perine (drummer). The band’s on-stage chemistry really commanded the crowd’s attention with each song from their set as their lead singer moved effortlessly around the stage singing lyrics into his microphone. His vocal range reminded me of a cross between Dennis Lyxzen (Refused’s lead singer) meets Jack White (The White Stripes and solo fame). Even only a 50 minute set could not stop Plague Vendor from leaving their mark in Atlanta. I highly recommend listening to the band’s sophomore LP, Bloodsweat which was released off Epitaph Records back on March 25th, 2016. Or their latest release, Locomotive, which was released on Halloween Day (October 31st, 2018).

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All Them Witches came on stage right after 10:15 pm to a very eager and excited sold out crowd at Terminal West. I knew this was going to be a great set when they started off with one of my favorite tracks- “Death of Coyote Woman”. After playing a few newer tracks from ATW, All Them Witches surprised the crowd with a perfect rendition of “Manic Depression” by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. All Them Witches pieced together a very good collection of songs from their discography that included many of my favorites: “When God Comes Back”, “Charles Williams”, and “Blood & Sand” which was actually the last song of the night. I have listed to entire set from this night below for your viewing pleasure:

Photo By | Xerxes Tzolis

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Set list: All Them Witches 03/01/2019 Terminal West (Atlanta, Ga.)

  1. Death of Coyote Woman
  1. 3-5-7
  1. Diamond
  1. 1st VS 2nd
  1. Fishbelly 86 Onions
  1. Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
  1. Charles Williams
  1. Harvest Fest
  1. Workhorse
  1. When God Comes Back
  1. Alabaster
  1. Rob’s Dream


  1. Open Passageways
  1. Blood & Sand

You can catch still All Them Witches on tour this year by following the link to their tour page and finding the closest tour stop for you. And do not forget to check out all of their releases which are available to purchase from the band’s homepage or on Apple Music. 

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  1. They didn’t play Open Passageways. It was listed on their setlist but unfortunately ended up not playing it for whatever reason.

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