Haitian-American rapper Frank Mayson brought an electrifying performance to the Masquerade in Atlanta

Written By | Rita Harper

On Sunday, November 18th, Haitian-American rapper Frank Mayson brought an electrifying performance to the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. The Masquerade is a dimly lit, grungy venue that provides an intimate atmosphere to concert goers yearning to see their favorite acts.

The DJ set the tone by playing nostalgic Atlanta classics such as Goodie Mob and classic Outkast cuts.  Once fans started to arrive, the beautiful neon lights were brought up and everyone anxiously awaited the first act.

First to the stage was Willis The Lion, sporting a hot pink haircut, he oozes confidence, flare, and overall care free spunk. He engaged the crowd with every track, even hopping in to dance with the crowd for his more familiar songs. His corky, melodic trap infused songs had the crowd in a trance. To show appreciation to his fans, he offered every concert goer who purchased a ticket for him a free bottle of wine!

Photo By | Rita Harper

Next to the stage was Phonic, a rapper hailing from East Atlanta with a unique sound to his music. His stage presence demanded the room’s attention as he gave boisterous, wild energy in contrast to his chill melodic songs such as DzBallad of Jeromedz. He put his all into his set!

After Phonic, came NERD Official.    The red neon lights were brought up and intensified the mood, which gave great support to his songs which mimic real life situations. As soon as he hit the stage, he warmly encouraged the crowd to come closer to the stage to feel the true experience of his music.  Powerful lyrics which were relatable to the crowd.  He yelled! Dz Who likes getting money?? dz to the ongoing crowd and everyone instantaneously yelled back in agreeance that they too could relate. An overall conversational high energy performance.

Photo By | Rita Harper

The last opener, Forrest Isn’t Dead, brought an interesting twist to the showcase. His music could be described as both introspective and emotional. He sang in high keys that commanded the crowd to listen with an undivided ear. His lyrics spoke from place of pain, love, and fun times had.

As the lights began to dim, Frank Mayson erupts from the shadows onto the stage and the crowd goes insane! His energy is contagious, and his awaited arrival has his fans ready to enjoy the show.  He wastes no time going into tracks that are obviously fan favorites. The lighting seems to be simultaneously interchanging with his energy. Going from light blues and greens to intense deep reds as more serious tracks come along.

Photo By | Rita Harper

He brings along comrades such as Dezzy Dinero to bless the stage with him, whom he has a harmonious chemistry with that the crowd can feel. He also enlists opener Forrest Isn’t Dead to the stage to perform a track they have together. Their contrasting styles make for a unique collaboration that is entertaining to see performed. Confetti erupts during high energy moments which only adds to the show’s ambiance. The crowd is closed in towards the stage and jumps in to rap to them intimately from time to time.


He’s bursting with high energy moving and covering every inch of the stage as he raps effortlessly. He closes his show out by dimming the lights completely and speaking directly to the  crowd, giving them motivational words and speaking about his struggles and triumphs as an independent artist.  The crowd fell silent as he spoke emotionally and hung onto his every  word. An  amazing ending to an overall electric unique showcase.

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  1. Thanks for coming out to see our friend and business partner Frank Mayson; as well as Forrest Isn’t Dead at Masquerade Rita!! And thank you for such kind words… we’re really proud of Frank Mayson <3

    – Team Moredopemusic

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