Hippie Sabotage Surfs Through Denver

Written By | Brandon Thrift 

Brothers, Kevin and Jeff Saurer, are the EDM duo Hippie Sabotage. On February 16 they brought their headlining Beyond Beautiful Tour to the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. Sebastian Paul provided support.

The night was a cool 21 degrees as fans lined the streets of Denver in anticipation for the show. When the doors opened at 8pm it was like a High School dance was about to start. Teenagers ran through the doors screaming as security yelled at them to slow down. As the concertgoers flowed in, they all settled near the front of the stage. Most were taking selfies and talking about how excited they were for the show. As the night went on the older crowd showed up and it ended up being a wide assortment of individuals.

Photo By | Brandon Thrift

Fast forward to 9pm…The lights went dim and out came the opener, Sebastian Paul. He is truly a one-man act. Paul sings along to his beats while his music is played in the background. His flamboyant looks (rhinestones on his face, leopard print shirt barely buttoned) mixed with his lackadaisical dancing made the girls in the audience scream.

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Hippie Sabotage hit the stage at 10pm and they did not waste any time. As soon as they came onstage Kevin was down in the photo pit getting the fans more energized if that was even possible. The EDM duo was making the Fillmore bounce. Jeff was doing most of the DJ work while Kevin shouted and sang with the audience. Jeff also came out and jammed his guitar while Kevin took care of the music. At one-point Kevin ran and jumped off the stage over the photo pit, landing in the crowd. Everyone went insane! The front row consisted of mostly screaming girls who were googly eyed over the long haired EDM duo. The energy never ceased to stop until the show was over.

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