Homeshake in Nashville at Mercy Lounge

Written By | Brain Holden

Photo By | Brian Holden

As I pulled into the Mercy Lounge nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville, a blue and orange hue took over the sky as the sun was setting behind the city skyline. Peter Sagar’s lofi indie pop project, Homeshake was making their debut in Nashville while traveling the US on their Helium tour.

Photo By | Brian Holden

Yves Jarvis opened the night off with a set of slow jams alternating between smooth acoustic guitar and his soul filled keyboard playing. His harmonious vocals accompanied by the continuous sound of birds chirping and creeks babbling through his songs almost sent fans into a trance. The room slowly filled, until Homeshake came out and suddenly there was no room to move.

Photo By | Brian Holden

The band’s wardrobe was inconsistently consistent, perfectly fitting the style of the crowd. Orange beanies, black sweatshirts, and pants with clouds on them, each member’s look gave a distant hint at their personality. Between songs, Sagar would respond to fan’s remarks and make a small joke every once in a while. The snare and hi hats mixed with deep bass grooves, rhythmic guitar, and keyboard complemented Sagar’s high pitched vocals effortlessly.

Photo By | Brian Holden

Having two keyboards on either side with the bassist in the center and drummer behind created symmetry on stage not seen very often. The visual aesthetic of the performance with the predominantly blue and red lights made the show more intimate rather than rapidly changing lights of different color. As the night went on and the crowd got more engaged, so did the music. The easy going, all night road trip type of tunes had everyone bobbing their head and swaying to the beat.

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