Bad Suns with Carlie Hanson in Nashville, TN at Mercy Lounge

Written By | Lauren Jackson

The show took place at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee in the Cannery Row district on April 10. Mercy Lounge was a perfect venue to hold the all-ages-allowed concert while maintaining a certain type of show intimacy. A good majority of the fans were under 21, as seen by the barricade break between the younger crown and the bar.  

Newly signed and effortlessly coolCarlie Hanson, opened the show with a high energy performance along with her fellow band members. When watching her on stage, she would seem like she has had 200+ in the audience for years and you wouldn’t believe she started only a year ago on her journey opening for top artists.

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After several songs and a quick stage set change, the lights dimmed and the Bad Suns guys ran on stage and immediately made the crown go wild. Front man Christo Bowman maintained stamina throughout – hyping up the crowd and working the stage no matter how much sweat was dripping from his nose. After prepping for the concert: reviewing the newest album “Mystic Truth”, getting to know the lyrics by memory, and jamming out before my morning commute the week prior, I noticed one major aspect to Bad Suns – they sing best when they are live since the bands earlier albums “Language and Perspective” and “Disappear Here”.

When the lights turned back on after the show was over, dozens of people stood there in awe. Bad Suns showed out and created a BIG MOOD in Nashville. I didn’t want the night to end so to celebrate one more Bad Suns concert to add to my life, I went to the merch tent and bought a vinyl copy of their “Mystic Truth” album and I have had it playing for the last few days. 

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Photo Credit: Lauren Jackson

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