Hyundai Announces Significant Expansion of Free Anti-Theft Software Installation Mobile Clinics

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As part of its ongoing efforts to assist customers and communities affected by the social-media driven thefts of certain vehicles not equipped with push-button ignitions and engine immobilizers, Hyundai today announced five national multi-day anti-theft mobile clinics to occur before year-end. Following successful pilot mobile service centers in Washington D.C. and St. Louis County, Missouri, as well as regional events operated by Hyundai dealers in Phoenix and Baltimore, these clinics will provide customers in the following metro areas free software installations to prevent a method of theft popularized on social media:

  • New York City, NY: Saturday, October 28 – Sunday, October 29
  • Chicago, IL: Friday, November 3 – Sunday, November 5
  • Minneapolis, MN: Friday, November 10 – Saturday, November 11
  • Saint Paul, MN: Sunday, November 12 – Monday, November 13
  • Rochester, NY: Friday, November 17 – Saturday, November 18

In addition to these events, Hyundai is supporting several single-day, regional clinic locations before year-end that will be operated by Hyundai dealers. Hyundai and its extensive dealer network have partnered with local law enforcement, as well as government officials and other community organizations to support ongoing efforts to combat increases in vehicle thefts within their communities and to raise awareness of the free software upgrade to eligible residents. The software upgrade has been installed on nearly one million eligible Hyundai vehicles and is working as designed to prevent the method of theft that has spread on social media.

“Our customers are the top priority and we encourage all eligible Hyundai owners and lessees to take advantage of the free software upgrade to help protect their vehicle,” said David VandeLinde, vice president of after-sales, Hyundai Motor America. “We are committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of our products, all of which are fully compliant with federal anti-theft requirements.”

The software upgrade, which takes less than 30 minutes for installation, is part of a broader service campaign launched earlier this year that also provides free steering wheel locks to law enforcement agencies for distribution to local residents who own or lease an affected vehicle. Hyundai has also collaborated with AAA to offer insurance options for affected owners and lessees. All Hyundai vehicles produced since November 2021 are equipped with an engine immobilizer.

Software Upgrade Details
The software upgrade modifies certain vehicle control modules on Hyundai vehicles equipped with standard “turn-key-to-start” ignition systems. As a result, locking the doors with the key fob will set the factory alarm and activate an “ignition kill” feature so the vehicles cannot be started when subjected to the popularized theft mode. Customers must use the key fob to unlock their vehicles to deactivate the “ignition kill” feature.

Hyundai is notifying customers about the anti-theft service campaign through multiple points of contact (e.g., mail, email, outbound phone contact, paid media and a dedicated website) with instructions to bring their vehicle to a mobile clinic or the nearest Hyundai dealership to have the free software installed. More information is available at, where customers can input their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find out if it is eligible for the software upgrade.

Some 2011-2022 model year vehicles without engine immobilizers cannot accommodate the software upgrade. For these customers, Hyundai is reimbursing them for their purchase of steering wheel locks.

Eligible Affected Vehicles

Vehicle Model Year
Accent 2018-2022
Elantra 2017-2022
Elantra GT 2013-2020
Genesis Coupe 2013-2014
Kona 2018-2022
Palisade 2020-2021
Santa Fe 2013-2022
Santa Fe Sport 2013-2018
Santa Fe XL 2019
Sonata 2011-2019
Tuscon 2011-2022
Veloster 2012-2017 & 2019-2021
Venue 2020-2021

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