In conjunction with Be Charge, FCA and Carrefour present “Shop & Charge”, a scheme to promote electric mobility featuring the New 500

  • At the heart of the partnership is the promotion of sustainable mobility by installing 250 Be Charge charging points at 135 selected Carrefour retail outlets around Italy, and a benefits program for purchases of Carrefour-branded organic products
  • From March 2021, the project will mean all New 500 customers can charge their car at Carrefour retail outlets where charging points will have been set up. By downloading the FIAT app, they will be able to locate their closest charging point
  • The project begins with FCA’s first full electric, the New Fiat 500, and could be extended to the Group’s other electric and electrified models. Shop & Charge forms part of the three partners’ strategy toward creating a more widespread charging system nationwide

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Carrefour Italia and Be Charge unveiled to the Italian press the Shop & Charge project, aimed at contributing to the dissemination of electric vehicle charging points. Courtesy of Shop & Charge, drivers of a New 500 Electric will have at their disposal up to 250 charging points – to be installed by Be Charge from March 2021 – in the parking lots of 135 selected Carrefour retail outlets around Italy.

To find the location of the charging points, all you need is the FIAT app, where an overlay marks them with the Carrefour logo and their location is sent to the satnav.

Promoting more sustainable lifestyles and facilitating customer use of electric cars, making it easier to recharge them: this is the basis for a partnership intended to make e-Mobility solutions more widespread.

New 500 customers – the target audience for phase 1 of the project, later to be extended to other FCA electric and electrified models – will also be able to join a loyalty program for purchases of Carrefour-branded organic products. Based on the Payback loyalty scheme, of which this major retailer is a member, the program will provide access to exclusive discounts on Carrefour-branded organic products and will mean customers can earn Payback points faster. Again for New 500 customers only, this program will offer exclusive discounts on the Click & Collect service, Carrefour’s priority lane to pick up orders made online.

The charging stations will be installed by Be Charge, a company developing one of the largest networks of Italian public infrastructure for electric vehicles, thus helping to develop and disseminate electric mobility in Italy. In the public access parking lots of the 135 Carrefour retail outlets selected for charging points to be installed, two types of facilities will be available: Quick chargers, with output of 22 kW; and Fast chargers, running at up to 75 kW. In half an hour – the average time it takes to do the shopping, the New 500 can be charged to a range of 50 km when connected to the Quick chargers, or 300 km at Fast chargers. The charging points will be compatible with all electric vehicles, but the exclusive benefits of the partnership will only be available to New 500 customers.

Shop & Charge is therefore a major project aimed at contributing to easing the transition to electric mobility, and will mean you can spend the time it takes to charge the batteries on other daily business, such as doing the shopping. Basically, it provides benefits and creates opportunities, leveraging daily routines.

When the project is launched in March 2021, a communications campaign will also take place on the three partners’ social media channels and at Carrefour retail outlets in Italy, where panels and signs will be put up to advertise the initiative. Product placement and test drives of the New 500 will also be included, with the involvement of FCA dealerships in Italy that sign up for the project.
With this agreement, FCA aims to promote sustainable behaviors in customers who, for example, will be able to build up Carrefour loyalty points more quickly by buying Carrefour-branded organic products to charge their New 500 Electric with exclusive discounts. That way, they can make the best of their time and simplify their sustainable lifestyle.

For Carrefour Italia, the project represents a further step forward in the implementation of its ‘Act for Food’ environmental sustainability strategy, demonstrating their awareness of their important role as one of the major retail stakeholders that can promote sustainability throughout its supply chain.
The 250 Be Charge electric vehicle charging stations installed at 135 selected Carrefour retail outlets will come on top of the over 4,000 charging points Be Charge has already installed across Italy. All of these can be accessed via the Be Charge app, to contribute to the development planned for the coming years, whereby the company intends to install over 30,000 charging points around the country.