Introducing Nightly: Up and coming band plays The Tabernacle for first time

Written By: Bianca Theodore

Atlanta, January 27, 2018 – Meet Nightly- the two-person ensemble that is boy band meets hipster heartthrob meets garage band.
Somehow, the upcoming duo makes that chaotic genre blend as melodic as their smooth alternative pop tunes. Their catchy choruses and soft guitar riffs are infectious, and had the sold out crowd at The Tabernacle singing along in no time Friday night.
As Nashville natives, Nightly was a long way from home. But by the end of their opening set, Atlanta had welcomed them with open arms.
Their simple, stripped back set instantly created an intimate atmosphere in the three-tiered venue. Every seat was full and standing room was nonexistent, but Nightly made a crowd 2500 deep feel like a coffee shop’s open mic night.
As cousins who grew up writing songs together, lead singer Jonathan Capeci and guitarist Joey Beretta have perfected creating that organic feel. Nightly is no plastic boy band made of Ken dolls; they’re real, with a history and a story to tell that feels relatable.
Their newest EP, Honest , feels familiar in the best sense: like your favorite pair of comfy jeans. Nightly actually translates to text lingo for “Night, love you”, so fittingly, romance is the common thread to the band’s songs. Their direct, simple lyrics feel like a love lost or new crush we all know well.
So relatable, that their SoundCloud hit “XO”, “Honest”, and “No Vacancy” quickly became crowd favorites. By the end of their performance, Nightly had everyone swaying with their hands high and phone lights in the air.
Tonight may have been Atlanta’s first introduction to Nightly, but it is clear they made quite the impression.
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