JET Takes Off At The Forum In Melbourne To Celebrate Get Born

Written and Captured By | Anthony Roberts

It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see this very energetic psychedelic rock band for the first time, containing lots of riffs and the fuzziest of fuzz. 

Opening the night at the Forum for a band like JET can’t be an easy job but they sure do make it look so, hyping up the crowd with some huge sounding thick lead guitar, some thumping, fuzzing bass and drums that gets everyone jumping. The crowd loved being treated to some great solos from all 3 instrumentalists with the band throughout their songs, putting on a very entertaining show to start the night off, proving for everyone in attendance that they’re definitely a band you want to add to your Spotify playlists. 

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Walking out to The Boys Are Back In Town, Pacific Avenue came out strong and put on one hell of a following performance.

With lots of spins, dancing and very catchy lyrics it wasn’t long before the whole crowd was singing and dancing along for this fantastic show. 

With some fast and fun chord progressions played under tasty layered lead licks the two guitars were in perfect harmony all set, making things too easy for the bass and drums to also show off some great solo sections. Pulling the crowd in, Vocalist Harry O’Brien put on an absolute blast of a performance that really kept the energy high to get everyone ready for the main event. Safe to say they got a few new fans. 

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What can I say? After 20 years JET just still doesn’t miss. The lights dimmed and the whole Forum came alive with energy from an absolutely packed audience screaming their excitement. 

Opening with a few tracks from Shaka Rock including She’s a Genius, JET instantly proved that they haven’t skipped a beat at all. 

With the crowd roaring they started getting into their legendary album, Get Born, and showed everyone why they’re one of the best bands in the industry. 

Playing softer classics like Look What You’ve Done and Move On, had plenty of phones and lighters swaying around in the crowd while bigger tunes in Are You Gonna Be My Girl? and Cold Hard Bitch had the ground shaking and the audience pumping, absolute stellar performances from everyone especially frontman Nic Cester. 

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After amazing performances all throughout playing Get Born in full, they came back for an encore of not one, not two but five extra songs, giving the entire house an extra special show by playing a brand new song and then playing other great hits such as Seventeen and Shine On to close out an absolutely electrifying night. 

Definitely seems like there’s plenty of fuel left in this JET. 


Photos By | Anthony Roberts