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After nearly a year without releasing a full-length project, JUNIOR H returns with strength and presents his highly anticipated album, $AD BOYZ 4 LIFE II. This album consists of 17 unreleased songs, featuring his usual deep lyrics of heartbreak and exploring genres ranging from corridos to mariachi fusions and pop-rock. Once again, he stands out as one of the most influential artists in the new wave of Mexican music, further solidifying his position as a leader and creator of the Sad Boyz movement.

Released under the RANCHO HUMILDE label and distributed by Warner Music Latina, $AD BOYZ 4 LIFE II is produced by JUNIOR H, Jimmy Humilde, and Ernesto Fernández. It is a follow-up to his successful self-titled material ($ad Boyz 4 Life) released in February 2021, which has garnered over 390 million streams on all digital platforms to date, featuring hits such as “1004 KM,” “160 Gramos,” and “Chanel.”

The emotional single “Y Lloro,” written by Gael Leonardo Iñiguez Valenzuela, was chosen by the artist from Guanajuato as the first song on his album to have an official video. Shot in the city of Los Angeles, it portrays the pain one experiences when losing a loved one—a song that will likely soon become a heartbreak anthem.

$AD BOYZ 4 LIFE II by JUNIOR H follows 15 singles released by the artist this year, accumulating over 1.87 BILLION STREAMS ON SPOTIFY alone. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Mexican music scene, including Oscar Maydon, Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, Grupo Firme, and Grupo Frontera.

Another testament to the unmatched artistic moment he is experiencing is the album “CONTINGENTE” (November 2022), which has amassed over 342 million streams across digital platforms to date, featuring several personal hits such as “Cologne,” “Vete Ya,” and “Tus Besos,” among others.

JUNIOR H’s impact on the Mexican urban music scene is undeniable. He currently holds the #2 position on the list of Artists from Mexico and #16 on the Global Artists list on Spotify. This year, he has 20 singles on Spotify’s Weekly Top Songs in Mexico and 2 more on the Weekly Top Songs Global.

JUNIOR H’s career is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding in the contemporary Latin music industry, and with $AD BOYZ 4 LIFE II, his following and success will continue to grow exponentially.