King Von Dramatizes a “Crazy Story” in a Charismatic Video

Lil Durk’s newest artist King Von dropped his new single, “Crazy Story.” To follow up, today he released a realistic video depicting the twisted plot leading up to a “Crazy Story.”

With a steely intensity and a soft-spoken charisma, King Von’s lyrical realism caught the ear of Lil Durk. Flexing his expert storytelling ability, Von recounts a tale of a robbery gone wrong in “Crazy Story,” his latest single. Von mimics a conversational patter, packing his story with intimate detail, but also building in digressions and brags. In the video, Von enthusiastically relates the story to his boys, intercut with dramatized clips of the gripping story. “Crazy Story” is an excellent introduction to King Von, showing all the skills that convinced Lil Durk to sign Von to his Only The Family label.

“Crazy Story” will appear on Only The Family Involved Vol. 2, Lil Durk’s upcoming label compilation mixtape for his Only The Family crew. The follow-up to this summer’s Only The Family Involved Vol. 1, Vol. 2 is a celebration and a coronation for King Von, who seamlessly fits in with the rest of the label.

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