Lindsey Stirling along with The Federal Empire at Iroquois Amphitheater Louisville, Kentucky.


The night started off with a folk-pop band called The Federal Empire. They have been widely recognized as being a super group. The band is formed by three members who were originally hired to co-write songs for other bands but quickly realized the insane amount of chemistry that had together.


They released their debut EP (The American Dream) in October of last year.  As soon as they hit the stage, they wanted to make sure everyone knew that they were there to pump up the audience and get them excited.  They sang a few of their songs including “The American Dream” and “Bad Habits.” Needless to say, the audience was cheering and very impressed by this band. I am sure we will be hearing more about them.

Lindsey Stirling

After a very short intermission Lindsey Stirling lit up the stage with “The Arena.”  Lindsey is not only an amazing violinist, but also a dancer, performing artist and composer.  She is known for her pop, classical, and rock to electric dance music.  Lindsey’s second song of the night was “Moon Trance” in which the stage became lined with tombstones and dancers dressed as skeletons.  One of the tombstones had Piers Morgan’s name listed.  Lindsey was on the show America’s Got Talent season five where Piers Morgan was a judge and not one of her biggest fans.


Her set was complete with dancers, costume changes, amazing video and lighting effects, as well as outstanding choreography.


During her single “Moon Trance” she was even seen fighting off some of the skeleton dancers coming towards her all while not skipping a beat.


The amount of talent this girl has is unheard of.  She runs up and down the stage, jumping, leaping, and kicking all while playing insanely fast notes on her violin.

The crowed was constantly cheering her on! Her set was filled with energy and did not disappoint!

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