Nashville-based singer-songwriter meg elsier releases two brand new singles, iznotreal’ and ‘baby’. Accompanying the single releases is a music video for ‘iznotreal’, which is available to watch below.

On ‘iznotreal’, meg elsier enlists grungy guitars and weighty production and combines it with her sumptuous vocals to create a harmonious balance of indie-rock aesthetics and alt-folk undertones. It perfectly demonstrates her versatility as an artist who can traverse the worlds of indie rock, folk, and alt-pop in equal measures.

 Alongside the single is a video release for ‘iznotreal’, which was directed by longtime collaborator, Jacq Justice. The music video is available to watch below.

Speaking about ‘iznotreal’meg elsier said: “I got 7 AI books for xmas and I was reading so much sci-fi and became obsessed with ‘consciousness’ and what it actually is (I still don’t know). I did know that I was done with myself and that I had to disassociate. I had this constant feedback loop in my head telling me my suffering was special and then the opposite. I kept questioning “why” and “how” for everything in my life; simple questions that make your head explode if you think about it too much. I had no connection to anything whatsoever but I was feeling everything with no way to interpret it. It was like I wasn’t even feeling anymore. I was equating. I was stashing information and numbing it. Basically, I just didn’t feel real.

I think this is the song that I’m most excited to get weird with. Heavy tones, glitchy-ness, panning. The three layered parts happening make me feel like I’m rendering too much information at once and I’m not sure what to do.”

Speaking about the ‘iznotreal’ music video, meg elsier said: “This video is my favorite out of the ones I have filmed to date. We had so many people on location building our sets, getting props ready, and just being a part of the cast. The relationship and trust I have with Jacqueline is unbeatable and otherworldly.”

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On baby meg elsier embraces her indie-rock persona once more and formulates a track that explores how as a person you can lose themselves and subsequently encounter imposter syndrome in every aspect of life – work, life, socialising, emotions – as a result of becoming too adept at catering to the needs of others.

meg elsier is a New England-born and Nashville-based singer-songwriter who expertly inhabits the space between folk, indie-pop, and alternate music. Her sound incorporates everything from opulent melodies, grungy guitars, and sumptuous vocals, and she has a charisma that positions her perfectly to become one of the scenes next big artists.