Mitski Takes Over Atlanta’s The Eastern with Opener CHAI

Written By | Andre Buchanan

Opening up for Mitski was a band that I’m not too familiar with, but definitely became a fan of instantly when they hit the stage. Formed in Nagoya, Japan, CHAI consists of four women, MANA, KANA, YUUKI and YUNA. These four give off the sounds of disco – punk mixed with some experimental pop. CHAI’s performance was electrifying, and to add on, they came out shredding their guitar while wearing pink puffy dresses. They played songs off their most previous album WINK, an album that is well worth listening to over and over again.

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CHAI’s performance was phenomenal but it was time for the stage to set for Mitski. While waiting for Mitski, the fans became engaged and involved with one another as it took a while to set the stage. While everyone was chatting in conversation, I came to realize that this venue was full. This was one of the most packed out venues that I’ve been to in a while. I guess I should not be surprised since it was a sold out show. It was a very pleasing sight to see considering that the pandemic put a hold on concerts for a while.

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 All of the anticipation left the room once Mitski stepped on stage. Fans yelled for their favorite artist as she opened up with her song “Love Me More” off of her most recent album Laurel Hell. Mitski debuted Laurel Hell this year and it has been on repeat in people’s ears ever since. Along with watching Mitski, I also paid attention to the crow and I could tell that Mitski’s fans have a really strong connection with her. From singing every song and knowing all of her lyrics, to even swaying to the beautiful vocals that Mitski projected, this show gave out a rollercoaster of emotions which was all good. It’s really hard to put into words how amazing of an artist Mitski is and how much thought she puts into her own work. Overall, it was a majestic experience seeing Mitski perform in person.

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Photos By | Andre Buchanan