Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

With their latest album in the luggage, the first studio album in 8 years, with their relatively new line-up and shortly after the premiere of their first sci-fi film at the Slamdance Film Festival, OFF! stopped on their FLSD UK/EU-tour at the Frannz Club in Berlin.

The Californian hardcore punk quartet was supported by the Australian trio Cable Ties. Cable Ties set the tone of the evening with their  powerful performance and punk-rock tunes. Though they started with a manageably filled club, which quickly filled up during the set. While some fans hold their energy back for OFF!’s set, others already gave their all spurred on by the strong guitar and drum sounds and showed the others what to expect later in the evening.

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After the break, it was finally time for OFF! to enter the stage. Keith Morris entered the stage to tape down two giant setlists himself, while the others slowly entered the stage as well and got ready on their instruments. The punk quartet offered a powerful and chaotic performance from start to finish. From the first note the fans let loose and started mosh already, some more than others. Some were so energetic, it looked like they were jumping through half the club. One short song followed the next short and dynamic song, back to back with only short breaks for the band and the crowd, leaving them no time to breath but give their all.

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Singer Keith Morris offered and strong performance with vigorous vocals, making one forget that he’s in his late 60s. With the latest additions to the band line-up, bassist Autry Fulbright II and drummer Justin Brown, they filled every last inch of the club with their uncompromising, fast, loud and confrontational sound and energy. Though the night seemed a bit cut off, with the band leaving right after the last song without a short encore, the crowd joined in shortly after exhausted and happy. 


Chantal Burau