Rubi Rose’s Private Listening Party at Atlanta Legendary Stankonia Studios

Written By | Bernice Martin

Upon my arrival at the legendary Stankonia Studios, I was greeted by Rubi Rose’s digital marketing specialist. She was kind and very personable. She told me to wait in the lounge area of the studio since Rubi was running a bit behind. I was excited to say the least since I’ve been a fan of Rubi since she dropped her single ‘Big Mouth’ back in 2019. A woman’s anthem about how men lust yet can lack discretion. 

Rubi Rose arrives to the studio a few minutes after. She and her team head to another room to set up. I really liked the intimate setting of this listening event. Although it was a private session, I assumed that all media would be together to get our opportunity to speak with her about upcoming projects and listen to new music. This experience was even better! Each of us were allotted a specific time to have one on one time with Rubi. When it was my turn, I entered the room with no expectations. Rubi was so kind, all smiles and incredibly personable. She even changed her outfit so she could wear an original matching sweatsuit piece that the previous interviewer gifted her. Talk about supportive! I told her I would snap a few images of her in her element while we preview a few unreleased songs. She asked me if she was allowed to roll up, and I told her of course. Whatever her creative process was, that’s what I wanted to capture.

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From there Rubi asked me where I was from. We are both from Atlanta and started chatting about what area, how she likes living in LA etc. Her engineer began playing a track. I immediately started to dance. The track was fire! Heavy 808s, accompanied by clever bars. Totally on trend with Rubi’s brand and sound. She is a girl’s girl who creates music to boost women’s confidence, date with intention, and never settle for less. She’s aware of her worth while sharing it with the world. I can’t wait for her new music to drop!

Photos By | Bernice Martin