Scrim from $uicideboy$ shares new album – A Man Rose From The Dead

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Today, half of G59’s underground super-duo $uicideboy$, Scrim, released his debut solo project A Man Rose From the Dead. The album, produced by Scrim’s other alter-ego Budd Dwyer is a 20-track mixture that ranges from melodically auto-tuned tracks to the traditional darker bass-boosted tunes that $uicideboy$ fans are accustomed to hearing.

The album was created while Scrim was self-isolating in a studio in Palm Desert, California on his path to sobriety as a way to deal with his ever-changing emotions while getting clean. Some of the tracks were composed with the intention of his cousin Ruby (the other half of $uicideboy$) being on the other end of them while others were created simply as a pseudo-audio-diary that chronicles Scrim’s journey from being completely reliant on drugs to in his own words, “a man rising from the grave.” The project became just as much of a form of therapy as anything else related to his treatments for substance abuse.

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