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Secretary John Kerry and Congressman Ami Bera Join Biden for President National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Call

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Yesterday, Biden for President held a national Asian Pacific American Heritage Month call with Secretary John Kerry and California Congressman Ami Bera. They took questions from voters and discussed what’s at stake in this upcoming election for the AAPI community and the xenophobia being heightened by the Trump Administration and his handling of the current pandemic.

“One of the things that always guided me — it was a bedrock principle that Joe Biden is as deeply steeped in as anybody I know — and that is that our friends are all around the world,” said Secretary John Kerry. “And we owe our friends incredible loyalty with their loyalty to us and to the principles that we all share. And above all, folks who’ve come in recent generations, from Asia to become American, are just as American, as people who were here earlier…The fact is there’s one party in the United States that stands up and fights for the rights of all Americans. There’s one party, the Democrat party, that fights for the right of people to be able to vote rather than the other party that continually shuts the doors of access.”

“Vice President Biden, at his core, understands the history of our nation is that fabric of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, are all woven together,” said Congressman Ami Bera. “And that’s what our strength is. Now you contrast that with President Trump who from day one or even before he was president, tried to rip that fabric apart, tried to set us one against another. And you saw early on in his presidency, some of the racial attacks that happened in the AAPI community and the communities of color — that’s not stopped. And when you listen to some of the rhetoric that President Trump is doing, as well as congressional Republicans, it is leading to a resurgence of that xenophobia and it is very dangerous.”