Today, “the most successful band of all-time in Israel” STATIC & BEN EL share their North American debut single “Broke Ass Millionaire.

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Co-vocalists Liraz “Static” Russo and Ben El (Tavori) and longtime producer Yarden “Jordi” Peleg turn up with an infectious international multilingual hybrid of Latin rhythms, reggaeton swagger, African beats, electronic energy, classical scope, and pop ambition. With their runway-ready and future-facing fashion sense, the three-piece present the full package as larger-than-life global stars whose outsized personalities might be just as colorful as their music is.

Defying allcategorization, Israeli band Static & Ben El incite the kind ofmega-fandom reserved for icons with a string of viral smashes. They hold thedistinction of becoming “the most successful band of all-time in Israel,and were hand selected by Justin Bieber to open for him on his Europeantour. Static & Ben El garner fans around the globe with over350M Global Streams, and with over 300M total video views, their breakoutsingle “Tudo Bom” remains “the most popular song in Israel onYouTube.” “Broke Ass Millionaire” hints at the scope of their sound and style.With its kinetic production and hashtaggable hook, the boys deliver a dynamicanthem.


Liraz Russo (Hebrew: לירז רוסו‎; born 8 December 1990), known as Static (Hebrew: סטטיק‎) was adopted by an affluent Israeli-Lebanese couple, Moshe and Nitza Russo, at the age of four months, and grew up in Haifa. He does not know his country of birth, although he has mentioned that it is possible he was born in Brazil. He began learning to play the piano at age three, and later switched to guitar. At age 15, he performed in municipal festivals with a Haifa youth band. He did his mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces as an officer in the Israeli Air Force, but was discharged early and did not complete full military service due to health reasons. After being discharged, he began working with music producer Omri Segal, which opened doors for him in the music industry. He adopted the stage name “Static”, a nickname that had been given to him by a childhood friend. In 2015 he collaborated with Jordi and Ben El on their first single, “Barbie”.

Ben El:

Ben El (Tavori) (Hebrew: בן-אל תבורי‎; born 22 December 1991) is the son of Israeli singer Shimi Tavori, one of the biggest stars of the Mizrahi music genre, and model Aviva Azulai. He’s been singing his entire life, although he did not consider making it a profession until he was introduced to Static and they could tell that there was a fit. Together with Jordi, they released their first single “Barbie”, in November 2015.

Jordi:Yarden “Jordi” Peleg (Hebrew: ירדן פלג‎; born 20 January 1987), known as Jordi (ג’ורדי), was born in Haifa, Israel. At age 12 he began making music, and at 17, he dropped out of high school and produced his first song. At age 18, he built a recording studio in his home. In 2013, he opened a studio and began working as an independent producer. He worked with various artists, and first met Static while working on a song by the band KYD which also featured Alon De Loco and Static. Together with Ben El, they released their first single “Barbie”, in November 2015.

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