Summer Salt at The Fillmore Theater in Philadelphia, PA

Written By | Kahleel Frazier

Photo By | Kahleel Frazier

Wednesday, February 13, 2019, Motel Radio performed an amazing show opener for Summer Salt at The Fillmore Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Motel Radio is an indie rock band based in New Orleans Louisiana where many great musicians are from, so you could tell what to expect if you never heard of Motel Radio before.

Photo By | Kahleel Frazier

During their performance, the band busts out some groovy dance moves that got the crowd hype as if they weren’t already hyped up from songs like. Ian Wellman (lead singer) expressed how grateful he and the band were to be touring with Summer Salt. Then Ian Wellman struck a pose for a fan after they performed their last song and blew a kiss to the crowd before exiting off the stage with the band.

During the 10-minute intermission, you could feel the electric in the crowd that was left from Motel Radio. Then out of nowhere, the staged Lights cuts off. You could see the shadow of the members walking to their stage spot as you can hear the crowd gearing up to scream and shout.

Photo By | Kahleel Frazier

Summer Salt who is based in Austin, Texas opened up with “Life ain’t the same” from their latest album called ” Happy Camper ” and the fans loved it. They also performed what looked like a fan favorite “Still I don’t know why” and the crowd was exhilarated! During their performance, the lead singer of Motel Radio Ian Wellman was caught taking pictures of Matt Terry (vocals) & Eugene Chung (drums) as if it was his first time seeing them perform. You could feel his excitement as he watched the performance. Watching that was amazing because even though he’s a performer himself he is still a true fan of Summer Salt, & that You could tell how meaningful it was for Motel Radio to be a part of Summer Salt tour.

When Summer Salt announced it was their last song of the night, the crowd shouted out ” ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!” but the band still walked off the stage, & the crowd still didn’t budge till they got the song hoping they’ll come back out. Little did they know the summer salt came back for an encore and gave them to more songs that were called ” Love Sick ” and ” driving to Hawaii ” that put the crowd at ease for when they make their way home from a great show.

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