Tate Mcrae Ends Her North American Tour With A Bang In Salt Lake City At The Complex

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Written By | Justin Oraa

Tate Mcrae has had a successful debut North American tour and she is ready to end it with the Salt Lake City crowd. The merchandise line was a huge hit and the fans came in early and packed the venue. Fans of Tate ranged from young teenagers all the way up to adults and that was a beautiful sight to see that her music brings in a huge range of people.

The night started off by London native, Mimi Webb. New to many ears but she blew the crowd away by her energy and range of voice. She had a captivating rasp to her voice and her songwriting was beautiful. My highlight of her set was her cover of Adele that had the whole venue singing along. Her talent is so pure and we are excited to see her future.

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The fans were eager for the main act. Tate Mcrae’s stage set up was open for a full
choreography heavy performance. Tate has a huge background in dance and the fans were excited to see her perform. She came out the gates with high energy and dynamic choreography. Tate and her crew strutted around the stage without losing her deep, melodic vocals. She has a tone that you won’t forget. Tate performed crowd favorites like You, Feel Like Shit, She’s All I Wanna Be and more. The variety of upbeat songs and mellow and ballad style songs kept the crowd on their feet and entertained.

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Tate is ready to take the next leap in her career and to see her end the tour in SLC. We are lucky fans. Knowing that Tate is always in the studio when she’s not on tour, it’s only going to be a matter of time till she’s back on tour!

Photos By | Justin Oraa