Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert are just days away from their reality show premiere of Teyana & Iman. Chatting with Page Six before the series airs on March 26th on VH1, the 27-year-old explains why she and her beau no longer have sex every day like they used to.

Speaking of a shower scene that viewers will see in the show, Teyana says it was “the closest” that Iman and she got that night.

“When we got home, Junie was c–k-blocking, she did not let us do anything,” she says of their two-year-old daughter. “Do not let the shower scenes fool you! Don’t get it twisted — when we get it in, we get it in good — but when Junie is around, we can kiss that goodbye.”

She even explains how Junie has to sleep with them. “Junie falls asleep on my head. Even if Iman kisses me, she will move my face and kiss him, then she will bring me and his head together and we will do a three-way kiss — she has to be involved.”

The actress/rapper – who has a Kanye West produced project on the way – says that this is just all a part of being a parent.

“Pre-Junie sex was every day. Post-Junie, Mama is tired. I would be down, Mama and Papa had to go to work. Junie did not want to go to sleep, and one thing I will not do is make love in front of my baby,” she says. “Junie has a room, but she likes to sleep with us. Now we have to plan it out. That is just parenthood. We can’t complain.”