The Decemberists in Philadelphia at The MET with opener Jake Xerxes Fussell

Written By | Jonah van Bemmelen

Coming to the show I was excited because it was my first time shooting at The MET so I didn’t know what to expect from the venue. When you walk in it’s a beautiful space that was a converted opera house to now a perfect sized venue to have an intimate show with a bigger act. As a fan of The Decemberists I was excited to hear how they would sound in this type of environment. The show started with Jake Xerxes Fussell as their opening act. He played a very mellow set sitting in a chair accompanied by his guitar. He told the fans although he isn’t from Philadelphia he always has a great time playing in Philly which was met by a loud ovation from the crowd. 

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After he got the mood set it was a short break between sets and the stage went dark and the nutcracker started to play getting faster and faster until The Decemberists took the stage to a standing ovation. They led off with The Crane Wife 3, The Island; Come and See/The Landlords Daughter/You’ll Not Feel the Drowning, and Shiny as their first 3 songs which all were very energetic and had some of the crowd out of their seats dancing.

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With many instruments and members of the band it was a very cool set highlighted by the Song “Down by the Water”. After their set they came off the stage to a loud ovation by the crowd who wanted more. The band came back on and played Rusalka Rusalka/Wild rushes and finished by playing their hit song “Sons and Daughters” that everyone was singing along to. When the show was over everyone was out of their seats cheering. 

Photos By | Jonah van Bemmelen