The Sold Out Detroit Date For The Next Generation Tour Did Not Disappoint!

Written By | James Johnson

The first opening acts Jordan Hollywood, City Girls and Blueface proved to be great appetizers for the main course.

Photo By | James Johnson

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To get the night lifted we started out with the performance from Jordan Hollywood one of my new favorite lyricists. He gracefully bounced up to mid-stage bringing explosive energy to the Auditorium. The crowd reacted well especially when he mentioned how much he loved the historical Coney on Lafayette. Tonight, there was a great turn out of supporters for him and his camp.

Photo By | James Johnson

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Now when Yung Miami of the City Girls hit the stage she made sure to bring the strong light effects. Hyping the crowd to go wild as she spit her raps bringing a faster movement to his listeners. Without a doubt she brought every attendee to their feet when she performed their most popular song Where the Bag At. As they swayed their hips raising their hands in the air vibing to the rhythm. She said her main goal tonight was to return the happiness she receives daily from her fans as she performed. Not one of the concert goers left without a smile on their faces, mission accomplished.

Photo By | James Johnson

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DJ Fat Boy also gave an energized set in between performances, and even lost his shirt in the midst of his performances. BlueFace got the crowd on its feet with his dancing skills and trademark off beat flow. At one point Blueface made one fan’s night by singing Happy Birthday to their phone.

Photo By | James Johnson

The anticipation for Lil Baby was at a all time high once Blueface’s set concluded. This being Lil Baby’s third time in Detroit and this was by far his best set design. A giant motion projector, which displayed visuals of Lil Baby’s hometown and neighborhood would give his four background dancers a glowing silhouette. When Lil Baby made his grand entrance using a huge LED display whilst he rapped from behind the LED curtain, an energetic tone that brought a unified cheer from the crowd. At first his few early songs carried a high level of energy amongst the concert goers that slowly transformed into a higher craze once Detroit’s own 42 Dugg hit the stage as a interlude. The newly signed artist held his own, displaying bricks of money and a new “42″chain. Once back on stage Lil Baby surprised the crowd yet again with Rae Semmurd’s Swae Lee. Not only does Lil Baby put together a good show audibly but he brings great visual stimulation to the stage.

Photo By | James Johnson

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My favorite part is when he did his verse from Never Recover with Drake and Gunna.

The concert in its self was amazing. The feature artist really showed out as well and time put into it.


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