The Struts returned to Sacramento to a SOLD OUT show at Ace of Spades!

Written By | Cain Robles

Photo By | Cain Robles

The Struts returned to Sacramento to a SOLD OUT show at Ace of Spades last Sunday night with very special guest Thunderpussy. Despite the chilly weather, fans lined up since early to assure the best spot in the venue. The show began with the all girl rock band Thunderpussy from Seattle, Washington. The band is formed by lead singer Molly Sides, guitarist Whitney Petty, bassist Leah Julius and drummer Ruby Dunphy. Four incredibly talented women made their way to the stage and sent the crowd in a whirl wind of rock jams for over 30 minutes.

Lead singer, Molly Sides, wearing a two piece sparkly outfit amazed the crowd with her vocal ability and classic 80’s rock style dance moves. Guitarist, Whitney Petty, rock hard for the entire set with several solos and played beautifully aside the talented bass player Leah Julius. The rock drum beats were delivered with intense emotion by Ruby Dunphy. Aside from performing their hits, lead singer Molly Side, took time to spread love and positive messages to the crowd that were received with loud cheers and applauses. Thunderpussy delivered a great  show that pumped up the sold out crowd with their fierce stage presence and talent. Perfection can exist and their name is Thunderpussy!

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The room went dark as the words “are you ready” echoed and the crowd went wild. Drummer Gethin Davies came onstage first and began drumming hard to the beat of the opening song “Primadonna Like Me.” With his signature rockstar pose, Jed Elliott, stood on an elevated platform in a classy all black outfit. Adam Slack, guitarist came onstage, demonstrating his impressive instrumental skills in the opening song. The energy level went to through the roof as vocalist, Luke Spiller, appeared onstage wearing a vintage black and gold rock outfit clapping and hyping up the crowd.

The Struts have the ability to take their audience back in time to get a sense of what a 1980’s rock concert would be like. The Queen influenced rock band shined bright on Sunday night performing a handful of favorites. Fans of all ages rocked to “Body Talks”, “Kiss This” and “In Love With A Camera”. During their new song “Fire” the band and crowd clapped and sang together. The energy in the room was unbelievable and it was definitely one of the highlights of the night. Lead singer, Luke Spiller, owned the stage with his one of a kind dance moves and great stage presence. Overall, the band delivered a stunning show to their Sacramento fans. The Struts have a bright future ahead of them; they are on fire!

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