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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

The Subways stopped on their Uncertain Joys UK & EU Tour for a sold-out show in Berlin at Frannz for a corrosive show. They were supported by the german band Baby of the Bunch. The show was not only to promote and celebrate their latest and same titled album, but it also served as a little birthday party for bassist Charlotte Cooper. 

Close to the beginning of the show, the club was already pretty packed and where were still some fans jammed outside in line.  

The evening started off with Baby Of The Bunch. The german based FLINTA*-band heated up the mood of the crowd with their self-proclaimed “Riot! Wave“ sound, as well as their jumps between genres and a strong stage presence and prepared them for the following set of the Subways. 

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The Subways offered a strong set from start to finish, with some added anecdotes and stories to the songs as well. 

Adding (of course) new songs, like “You Kill My Cool“, “Uncertain Joys“ or “Influencer Killed The Rock Star“ from the latest album, as well as classics and fan favorites, like “Oh Yeah“, “We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time“, “Kalifornia“ or “I Won’t Let You Down“ to the mix, letting the crowd go wild with only small breaks to catch their breaths, which they understandably didn’t seem to mind. 

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Some highlights were Singer Billy Lunn later on stage diving and after playing “With You“, which they dedicated to the fans, following the request of the crowd, adding another song to the set before their last song, “Mary“. Of course, their last song was “Rock & Roll Queen“, that gave their fans (and the band) the last chance to give their all and go crazy and to bring pure chaos to the club once more. Singing one verse in german as the cherry on top, ending the night on a high note, leaving all wanting more.

Chantal Burau