THE VAULT | Taylor Swifts Reputation 2018 Stadium Tour is a Fantastic Experience Full of Superstar Magic in Toronto at Rogers Centre

Written By | Kara Bradimore 

Taylor Swift "Stadium Tour"

Taylor Swift visited Toronto this past weekend as she performed her highly-talked about Reputation 2018 Stadium Tour. To say that  her fans were “Ready for it” would be an understatement. Swifties (Taylors hardcore fans) took up nearly every seat in the stadium and decorated it with their colorful fan attire. People of all ages dressed up as their favorite music video version of Taylor, danced around in their face paints and flailed their glittery signs for the talented 28-year old pop star.

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The night started with fascinating performances by Charli XCX and Camila Cabello who both did fantastic jobs of hyping up the stadium for the main performance. From the moment Taylor Swift stepped out onto the stage, her performance was absolutely electrifying. With a massive tiled display screen behind the stage, smoke cannons, fireworks, back up dancers and captivating light work, Taylor mesmerized her fans. Playing songs from her newest album “Reputation” which was released back in November 2017, she had the crowd on their feet and singing out the lyrics with her. Truthfully, I have never seen a stage so incredible before. Thirteen stories tall and five different stages built together, she covers every single little bit of it!

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Overall, Taylor Swifts Reputation 2018 Stadium Tour is a fantastic experience full of superstar magic and everyone should try to get out to enjoy it!

Photos By | Kara Bradimore 

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