The Wombats Bring Their Electrifying “To Kick Off All The Hits” Tour to House of Blues Dallas with Openers Club House

Written By | Graze Mize

February 12th, 2022 Dallas, TX – The Wombats and Clubhouse performed for an electric crowd at the House of Blues in Dallas. Hosted in the venue’s auditorium, it provided an intimate and exciting environment in the GA pit, and a comfortable and calmer environment in the balcony seating.

The youthful group cheered and welcomed the opening act, Clubhouse, a band of five best friends hailing from Columbus, Ohio. After they performed some of their hits from their album released this past year, “Are We Going to Slow?” as many of the patrons cheered and sang along with the band. Twin brothers Ari & Zak Blumer, Michael Berthold, Forest Taylor, and lead singer, Max Reichert, then took the opportunity to thank the audience for making them feel so welcome on their first tour back after taking a break due to Max’s long battle with bone cancer.

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After a year-long pause, and sometime spent home in Ohio, Clubhouse released this new album in 2021, marking new beginnings and a new sound for the band. After they finished their set, Max announced to the crowd that he is officially cancer free. They asked the clapping and cheering audience to take a group photo with the band, and they passed out their music sheets to the front row attendees. 

After Clubhouse got the crowd amped up, The Wombats were given a warm welcome to the high energy room. They opened with, “Flip Me Upside Down” the first track on their newest album “Fix Yourself, Not the World” released in January 2022. They played through their discography, performing fan favorites such as “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” and “Greek Tragedy”  , a song made popular through a viral TikTok remix.

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The English indie rock band is led by singer and guitarist Matthew Murphy, Tord Knudsen on bass and keyboard, and Dan Haggis on drums. Their fans sang along and danced with the band to more hits like “Kill the Director” and “If You Ever Leave I’m Coming with You”. The Liverpool band saved the best for last, playing one of their most popular songs, “Turn”. Matthew ended the night by thanking the audience and leaving them with a sincere “We love you.”

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The Wombat’s Fix Yourself Not the World tour will end on August 5th in the UK.


Photos By | Grace Mize