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The Wombats sell out Ogden Theater in Denver, CO

Written By | Jessica Kelly

Photo By | Jessica Kelly

For someone who always attends certain genres of concerts, I usually don’t branch out as often to see different types of artists. That changed when I ventured into downtown Denver on October 3rd, and saw The Wombats perform for the very first time. When I arrived, I discovered that it was a sold-out show, so I knew that this was going to be a great show. The Ogden Theater is one of the bigger venues in the Denver area that features balconies where you can sit or stand, if you’re not one to be down below and become sweaty and overwhelmed by people.

Photo By | Jessica Kelly

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The opening act, Barnes Courtney, I have never heard of them until that night. The British singer came out with an explosive energy and had a sort of Mick Jagger feel to him. His alternative folk style music was satisfyingly catchy, I was unable to stand still during his performance. When he played ‘Kicks’the crowd was feeding off his energy and dancing to the beat.

Photo By | Jessica Kelly

The moment everyone was anticipating for came, The Wombats were about to come out. I’ll admit, I have heard of them before, and recall listening to a song or two from them before but haven’t listened to any of their more popular songs. They started off with one of their newest hits, ‘Cheetah Tongue’ and the crowd went wild. I was impressed by their performance the entire night. About halfway through the set, a member of the audience had joined The Wombats on stage to propose to his girlfriend and good news, she said yes. They continued with more hits such as ‘Jump Into The Fog’ and ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division. I even found my new favorite song from them called Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves). Yes, it is an older song of theirs, but the way they incorporate a synthetic keyboard style into the music made me start dancing. It concluded with them bringing out four members, dressed as wombats, and played three more songs as their encore. When the last song concluded, everyone was screaming and applauding their performance, including myself.

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