The Colombian (and Mexico-based) singer-songwriter known as TUNJO, brings fans one of his most special singles: “CASANOVA”, a song that even before its release, has been requested by his audience due to the singer’s sneak peaks through his social networks.

“CASANOVA” is one of those songs that comes out when you least expect it and connects you with a real story. It is a song that speaks of male vulnerability; of those men who feel sure of themselves and unstoppable until that person arrives who turns everything upside down and we feel our hearts in his hands, helpless before any future event, no matter how “Casanova” we think we are.

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From the Virgin Music Mexico label, the 24-year-old Colombian artist promises to fill the platforms with new music and a special project.

“CASANOVA” is part of six songs that he will give us this year, promising the best quality, with internationally awarded producers and engineers. In addition, TUNJO is touring the country opening Elefante‘s shows and captivating new audiences in his path.

We are pleased to share that in addition to its great sound quality, TUNJO’s musical project is unique.