Victoria Beckham: The Ultimate WAG Wardrobe Icon

Indisputably the most famous footballer’s wife of all time, Victoria Beckham had a successful career as a musician before venturing out into the world of fashion (with debatable success). She’s made an impression in London, the UK’s fashion capital, where her flagship store can be found. It’s easily reachable via train, for those who’d like a glimpse of the clothes. But what about the woman?

Love Unfiltered on Netflix

The release of the Beckhams’ new documentary on Netflix has afforded many longtime fans of the couple a glimpse into their private lives. The documentary charts the couple’s journey from stars in their respective fields to icons of style. Take a look, and you might be struck at how Victoria’s look has evolved over the years.

Victoria Beckham’s Style through the years

Unlike many other WAGs, Victoria was already a celebrity before she became involved with her footballer husband. It’s perhaps for this reason that she’s been able to capture so much media attention.

The Spice Girl Era

As part of the Spice Girls, Victoria’s role was to embody the ‘Posh Spice’ persona, and to differentiate herself from the rest of the group. Plenty of neat little dresses, heels, and perfectly coiffed dark hair.

Even during this period, she was beginning to take an interest in the world of fashion, and taking notice of what people were wearing, and being asked to wear.

The ‘Posh and Becks’ Power Couple

The coming together of this famous couple helped to supercharge the careers of both. They took to coordinating their outfits during public appearances, which naturally drew the attention of the world’s media (as if more attention was needed). Those unified ensembles became a signature for the Beckham brand – which was punctured rarely, and memorably during their appearance with Ali G for Comic Relief.

The Early WAG Years

The Wives and Girlfriends of the England team came under special scrutiny during the early 2000s, to the point that they came to be viewed as a performance-crushing distraction. Victoria led the way where fashion was concerned, making multiple statements thanks to her enormous sunglasses and designer handbags.

Victoria’s Transition to High Fashion

After this period, Victoria began to take fashion a great deal more seriously, launching her own brand in 2008 with the display of ten dresses in New York. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she points to a longstanding interest in cosmetics.

“I’ve been obsessed with make-up and skincare and wellness for longer than I can remember,” she said. But like many enthusiasts, she couldn’t quite find a product that matched with her expectations. And so, she did what any good entrepreneur should do, and began to develop her own.


Given the launch of the recent documentary, it might be tempting to look back on the Beckhams as if they’ve gone anywhere – but they look set to be active and around for a while longer. Expect more to come from Posh Spice!