Wafia’s sold out crowd danced the night away at Howler in Melbourne, Australia

Written By | Hannah Robinson

It was easy to see we were in for a good night on Friday the fifth of October, as a long queue, buzzing with energy, waited eagerly for the first show of Wafia’s ‘I’m Good’ world tour. The bass was thumping hard enough to feel it in your chest and colourful lights shined down on the stage.

Howler was definitely the place to be on Friday night as passers-by were realizing. This venue is a theatre room out the back of a restaurant and I was approached by a man who had been dining there, asking what we were lining up for and where could he buy a ticket.


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Opening the night was Melbourne’s own Native Spirit. The electronic duo, consisting of twins Asher and Daniel Takle, warmed up the crowd with their singles “In My Head” and “Look Around”, continually encouraging the crowd to dance. Although the room wasn’t yet full, the electro-pop set the mood and left us ready for the rest of the night.

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To keep the night in full swing, next up was Yergurl. The 18 year old songwriter hailing from Bendigo stunned with her raw and honest lyrics sung over her positive pop melodies. She perfectly set the scene for Wafia as another young, female that is absolutely smashing the Australian music scene.

The crowd cheered as Wafia walked on stage and continued to cheer each time she started a new song, the sold out crowd clearly excited to hear their favourite tunes. From the front to the back of the room people were singing along word for word, song after song, including ‘Heartburn’, ‘Better Not’, the hit collaboration with Louis The Child, and the song that gave this tour it’s name, ‘I’m Good’.

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Wafia stylishly danced around the stage, participating with the crowd and impressing with her beautiful voice. The fans showed the love and support throughout the set, constantly calling out encouraging messages. The best part was how Wafia showed the love right back, thanking everyone for coming along to her first night on tour. It was an honour to attend and I look forward to seeing where this tour takes her as she sets off to play shows all over Australia, then on to UK, Europe and North America, all before the end of 2018.

Here are some clips from the show

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Photos By | Hannah Robinson

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