Billie Eilish‘1 by 1 Tour’ was a party from start to finish | Atlanta, GA

Photo By || Nate Black

‘1 by 1 Tour’ was a party from start to finish, Finneas and Childish Major both got the already scream fans ready for Billie Eilish in the best way they could. Both gents had killer vocals, Finneas had a very Olly Murs kind of sound, where is Childish Major was channeling a lot of DRAM vibes and everyone was digging it. Finneas is actually Billie’s brother so I was cool to see the sibling’s ability to open up for his sister and hold his own, but the cool thing was it was a hometown show for Childish Major, so the crowd was super hyped to support one of their own Atlantians.

As soon as it hit 9’ oclock you would have thought they told the crowd that everyone is getting a million dollars because I have never heard that level of screaming. Billie Eilish is the only 16-year-old that I have ever seen have the stage presence of seasoned veterans such as Tyler, the Creator, Drake, or Eminem. Now I compared her to 3 rap artists because from the start of “My Boy” to “Copycat” it felt like a rap show, just very good vibes. Basically, the best way to describe the show is the voice of Lorde, the stage presence of Childish Gambino, and the fandom of Shawn Mendes.

Living up to the hype is an understatement, she is a true artist with her lyrics and the way she carries herself and having her brother on stage with her can defiantly help with the adrenaline rush of over a thousand screaming your name. Seeing that most of her songs are very chill a mellow it was like if you were just hanging with your friends and jamming to a new record, a Lana Del Ray feel if you will. Ending the show with a bang like “Copycat” was a smart move on her part because everyone just left wanting more,I know me personally I cannot wait to see her again.

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