#1 Dads are warmly welcomed to Howler in Melbourne, Australia for their long awaited reunion tour

Written By | Hannah Robinson


The extreme heat on this 44 degree Melbourne day did not hold back a sold out crowd from coming to party with #1 Dads on the 20th of December. It’s the final Friday night before Christmas, work is done (for many) and everyone is ready to dance the night away.

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Beginning the night was Melbourne’s own singer-songwriter Nat Vazer. She and her four piece band captivated and enthralled each person as they entered the room. The indie/pop/rock sound of Vazer’s music is beautifully matched with her raw, honest lyrics. Melodic narratives told by a stunningly haunting voice. The audience were treated to personal stories from Vazer’s childhood as she told of the Demi-Moore-in-Ghost inspired haircut she wanted when she was younger but how her dad gave her more of a Ringo inspired bowl cut, which is the origin of her latest single ‘Like Demi’ released in November.

Before the show the venue was a cool safe haven from the heat outside but as the flow of people filled the room the temperature was raised once again. Funnily enough of these passionate fans didn’t mind one bit, nothing was stopping them from attending this #1 Dads reunion tour.

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#1 Dads were warmly welcomed back to stage for the first time in over three years with enthusiastic applause and cheering. Dedicated fans that have waited out the return of the alternative rock band sung every word to the songs released on 2011 album ‘Man of Leisure’ and 2014 album ‘About Face’ as well as the newest single ‘Another Day’ released on November 7th, 2019. Although the room was mainly full of adoring fans, Iansek seemed to have a lot of family and friends in the crowd, pointing them out and communicating with them from stage.

Its quite fitting that #1 Dads is releasing new music as mastermind behind the project, Tom Iansek became a real dad earlier this year. Iansek has also announced the upcoming release of third album ‘Golden Repair’, due March 6th 2020, which has been 6 years in the making.

Photo Credit | Hannah Robinson