Written By | Chantal Burau 

Located in the infamous Neukölln the Hole44 surprised with its „typical“ worn down club-frontage but its new and almost unused inner life. The line outside wasn’t too long, but once inside the club filled up fast. And even before the first band started, there wasn’t a lot of space to move left.

With the doors an hour earlier than the beginning of the concert, you could see and feel the excitement rise once Sun Room entered the stage for their set. The highlight of their short 30 minute set was a new song, that they so far only played for the second time and on German tour dates. The crowd was mixed with not just a younger audience, as expected, but also older ones. Sun Room managed, with their energetic performance and songs, to set the mood and prepare the crowd for the rest of the evening. With Inhaler’s set getting closer, the audience quickly found its way back from the merch table and bar during the break, to save their spots again. 

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The mood hit its high, once Inhaler made their way on stage and the crowd went wild. The Irish quartet offered a set with a mix of faster and slower powerful songs. With what seemed like an effortlessly and slick played show, the band also delivered fan favorite songs like „Ice Cream Sundae“, „When It Breaks“ and „Cheer Up Baby“. Singer Elijah Hewson’s voice didn’t fail to amaze during the whole set and offered, paired with guitar, bass and drums, a strong performance through the evening, winning especially their younger fans hearts over again. With barely any talking and breather breaks, their packed set slowly came to an end.

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Closing off their powerful show what seemed a little abruptly, compared to other shows, without an encore, Inhaler left their fans a little confused, shouting for an encore and wanting more. Once the confusion laid down, the fans slowly left, nonetheless happy and the room thinned out again. 

Photos By | Chantal Burau