Bad Suns Bring Their Apocalypse Whenever tour to Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Erin Spain

California rock band Bad Suns brought their Apocalypse Whenever tour to the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on Wednesday night.

The show opened with indie rockers Little Image from Dallas, Texas. The band consists of singer Jackson Simmons, Troy Bruner on drums, and Brandon Walters on bass and keys. After independently releasing their debut album Musings in 2017, they saw nationwide success and quickly received millions of streams on Spotify. They warmed up the crowd with their song “Ego,” and closed out their set with “Worth It,” their 2020 single that introduced a little bit more of an edgy pop rock spin on their previously mellow indie sound.

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Next up was Kid Bloom, aka L.A.-based indie-pop artist, songwriter, and producer Lennon Kloser. His 2019 EP Lemonhead has garnered 100 million streams, and he recently released a new single called “I Fell in Love Again” ahead of the Bad Suns tour. While his eclectic style sounds 80s pop-inspired, it spans multiple genres, and he is able to appeal to a broad audience. It was clear that the crowd at this show fully embraced him and he did a great job of keeping the energy up and building anticipation for Bad Suns.

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Hailing from the Los Angeles area, headlining band Bad Suns includes Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby. This tour supports their fourth album, Apocalypse Whenever, which was released on January 28.

Formed a decade ago, the band had viral success with their first single, “Cardiac Arrest,” off their debut album Language & Perspective in 2014. They went on to release Disappear Here in 2016 on their label Vagrant Records, and then moved to Epitaph Records to release their 2019 album Mystic Truth and their newest album Apocalypse Whenever.

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The Buckhead Theatre is an intimate venue and provided the perfect setting for the band to connect with the audience in a substantial way. Whether the product of being sidelined by a pandemic for an extended period of time or just the excitement of performing for a live audience in general, frontman Christo Bowman’s charismatic stage presence commanded the audience and charged the entire venue with energy.

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It was a great show and each of the bands put on impressive performances. The Apocalypse Whenever tour will wrap up March 4 in San Diego.

Photos By | Erin Spain